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"Do some words just
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no reason whatsoever?"

October 8, 2005

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Coolers part 6: Woody's Orange Ice

orange ice

In the previous entry, I talked about being a keen linguist, about how I used to like to say the word "liquid" over and over again. But I didn't really explain what I liked about that word.

Here's the thing: it's not like other words that have a "qu" in them; though "squid" is a funny word unto itself, it does not satisfy my palette the way "liquid" does. I think it's the separation, it's like you're saying "lick - wid." And that little pause between the "q" and the "u" is, well, it's fun somehow. Oh sure, other words are kinda like that and fun to say, like "dickwad." There may not be a more fun word to say than that...but not because of the way it feels to say it.

Maybe it's because when you say "liquid," you actually have to smile twice to say it.


Go ahead. Say it with me. Liq-uid. You smiled twice. Heh heh.

Anyway, about this cooler...I have to say drinking Woody's Orange Ice is just about as pleasing as saying "liquid." And more refreshing, to boot. It's got all the crisp, sparkling goodness that is lacking in the Seagram's Orange Cream Vodka Twist. And it's a little tart which is nice (who doesn't like a little tart?) The only negative thing is it might not be orange-y enough. You can tell it's citrus and it's not lemon or grapefruit, but you sort of have to look at the label to remember it's an orange beverage. Which is pretty...except for the dumb brand name Woody's..but I'll leave that commentary for another day.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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