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October 5, 2005

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Coolers part 5: Real Rock Hard Berry

hard berry

I've always been a keen linguist. I liked thinking about words, about where they came from...I liked the sound of some words even if I didn't like the word. I used to go around saying "liquid" because I liked saying it. I even took high school Latin because I was obsessed with etymology (or is that entymology? No, that's bugs. And I'm not so keen on them.)

Anyway, there's this one word that always confuses me: nonplussed. People use it to mean indifferent, or unimpressed. So I wonder, can someone be plussed by something? Nope. No word exists. It's all very confusing. Especially when the real meaning of nonplussed is perplexed, puzzled, or utterly confused.

Which leads me to a daring etymologistic decision: I'm going to use the word nonplussed the wrong way. You see, that's all I can say about this Real Rock Hard Berry cooler. It doesn't really taste like anything. Except, you'll be glad to know, it doesn't taste as bad as its companion: Real Rock Hard Cherry. It just, well, it's not raspberry or strawberry, it's not blueberry or boysenberry. It's like red Koolaide...it just tastes, well, red. I am nonplussed by this cooler. Totally nonplussed.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5

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