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October 2, 2005

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Coolers part 4: Seagram's Orange Cream Vodka Twist

orange swirl

I used to throw up a lot. As a kid, that is. It was mostly a motion sickness thing. I was always moaning about feeling sick from the middle of the back seat of the family Dodge Dart™, wedged between my sisters who kept telling me to get off their portion of the seat, "You're over my line, see, that's my spot. Mum, Trish is over my line!" Poke, poke...SLAP!

And the worst was after going to the library. I would always want to read the books in the car, and man that made me feel like puking! I would get dizzy and have hot flashes. To this day I associate the library with feeling sick to my stomach. And I still can't read anything more than a map in a car.

What does this have to do with today's cooler? It's my memory again. Once when I was about 4 or 5, the family was heading north to the Great Aunts' cottage up on the Moon River in Bala. We had stopped for burgers (no, NOT at Webbers!) and I had an Orange Crush to wash it down. Now I love a fizzy orange pop - after root beer, it's my carbonated beverage of choice. I barfed it up on the cottage driveway just as we pulled up. Here's where you're thinking, "This was an episode that caused a puking association with anything orange and she'll hate this cooler because it reminds her of vomit."

Sorry. I did not lose my taste for cold, fizzy orange drinks. Oh sure, the bubbles kinda burned as they passed through my nose as I retched, but still I enjoy a cold, fizzy orange pop to this day.

Which is why I was slightly disappointed with this Seagram's Vodka Orange Cream Swirl. The graphic on the label was tantalizing. It reminded me of my favourite ice cream bar, the Creamsicle™, so I had great hopes for this cooler. But it wasn't fizzy enough. It wasn't cold enough. It didn't completely satisfy the fizzy factor or the cold ice cream bar standard. It had a nice flavour...it even somehow managed to be clear yet creamy. And I didn't want to puke.

I have a feeling I would rate this higher if I had tried it in the summer. So I'm not writing it off. But I do need a Tums™.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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