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"No sooner did we settle the septic
conundrum when a new mystery arose
from the depths of Stewart Lake."

March 3, 2005

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George and Martha

there she goes

There was this Wal-Mart ad a while ago with a peppy little soundtrack. Gorgeous, model-like women walking around the streets of London (England) in towels. They were getting on double-decker buses, they were on cell phones in Trafalgar Square. They were beauties, sashaying through Soho with The La's "There She Goes" bopping in the background.

Evidently, Wal-Mart had stolen the high fashion of London (England) and was selling it under the "George" label in their stores.

And then they put out another ad. Men this time. In undershirts, boxeres, brown socks and shoes racing around London (England) looking for their clothes. But here's the thing...these guys are no beauties! No sir! They're pasty, dumpy white guys with bad UK mulletts (okay, there's one hot black man who's kinda ripped, but that's it.) And I'm sure if they opened their mouths, they'd have hideous UK teeth! They're so ugly, they didn't even put a picture of them up on thier website for me to steal...

Once again marketers and retailers set image standards for the buying publinc, and it's okay to be a dumpy, pasty man, but you had better be a total babe if you're a woman.

Hmm, not that I'm political or anything.

Welcome back, Martha. Knock the socks off their pasty white ankles!

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