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February 15, 2004

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Look! A new Clip-art Comic!

clip art!

Can you believe it? It's only been...what?... a year and a half or something? But the Pigdump Weekend Funnies are back! Or the Clip-art Comics. Or whatever I used to call 'em.

Perhaps it was inspiration, I rented American Splendor the other night and thought, well, I don't have a Robert Crumb at my side to illustrate my deep thoughts, but I DO have my collection of lame clip art. And I remembered "Oh ya, I used to do this!" Okay, not as well as Harvey Pekar did, but darn it...just...just get on with it.

So I am pleased to bring you something you've been missing all these months:

Pigdump's Clip-art Comics!

Thanks and good luck.

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