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February 13, 2004

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No, I have nothing to say about it

I hate the news

Used to be Pigdump was a beacon for readers who wanted a different spin on things. Pigdump was all over the headlines, the crises, the scandals, picking out the little things that traditional journalists missed. So why not now? When there's so much mud to be flung?

Because it's all just so dumb. And it's all a waste of time. Who cares about Janet's tit or her brother's proclivities? I don't give a toss about Don Cherry and the CBC. And isn't there enough already about Conan in Toronto? Jeepers you'd think the frickin' Messiah had come to Hogtown or something! And anyone who wants to poison dogs and kids should NOT get any more publicity. Can you believe that?

And we're all rolling over to all sorts of censorship and rights abuses in the name of GW Bush's paranoia. It took over an hour to get my passport picture taken correctly - goodness knows I don't want to look like a terrorist! Late night radio's Cloak and Dagger was pulled off the air.

The Liberals are corrupt. Oh big news, big surprise there. Six more weeks of winter? We should be so lucky! I'll be shovelling until May. Because the local government won't. Like they ever did. Gimme my money back for the ploughing you didn't do. The NHL is going on strike. Good. My cellphone service may also be on strike. Fine, don't call me anyway.


I think that's all I don't want to talk about for now.

Thanks and good luck.

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