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"It was a hand-written list of the top 100 songs of 1974."

February 11, 2004

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More adventures in hi-fi

And so it goes. Still digitizing, still burning, still ripping. Still no minions to do the work for me. Alas.

But as promised, I will continue to give you some of the highlights of my quest to put 7 milk crates of vinyl in my pocket.

The other night I whipped off three Dave Edmunds records in no time. That's because good old Dave produced sweet little 35-minute albums full of nothing but pure pop for now people. On one of his classics, Repeat When Necessary (shown at right), I noticed a little cut in the album cover. Do you kids know what that means? Thought not. It means the album was in the remaindered bin and I probably spent $5 instead of $8 for it. Cool eh? A little reminder of simpler times (but why ever would Dave Edmunds go out of style?)
Dave Edmunds
Now look at the other picture at the right. It's a Split Enz album called True Colours. Beautiful, ain't it? It was a special vinyl LP that had the feature of being "laser cut" to give it that sparkly goodness sensation. Oh sure, CDs now are all laser cut and give off rainbow effects, blinding drivers as they change CDs in mid commute. But imagine beining able to watch this black disc spin and light up the house like a mirror ball as you pogo-ed the night away to Neil and Tim Finn? Is there anything better? No.
Split Enz

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