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January 30, 2004

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Use your imagination

There are a lot of things on our minds these days. Issues, concerns, ironies, little funny thoughts about n'importe quoi. Each and every one of these pensées could have provided you, the Pigdump visitor, a good two minutes worth of Top Quality Content™ a day.

However, we didn't get our asses in gear to do anything about it.

So what we're going to do is give you the headlines, the ideas, the catalystic thought and you can make your own TQC™ out of it. And if you want you can send them to us, or not. Je ne care pas. Go nuts, have fun:

  • What's with the crinkly bags, Louis?

  • If one more person calls Pigdump a blog I'm gonna punch their lights out

  • You call that a snowdrift?

  • Commuting: life among the great unwashed

  • The Atkins diet - hatchery breath anyone?

  • World famous German cuisine

  • Technology doesn't suck, it blows

  • Charts and graphs: peanut butter cookies vs chocolate chip cookies

  • Supercallafrajalistic George has halitosis.

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