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January 26, 2004

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Circle takes the square


Man there are a couple of things bugging me these days. And no it's not because I'm grumpy about the cold and the snow because I'm not (oh sure, I might complain once or twice and bleat that it's so frickin' cold my nose sticks together, but now right now.)

But my complaints do have something to do with winter. And skating. I love to skate, as you know, even when I end up on my ass. But here's the thing: I'm a left-handed skater. That is, I enjoy going around and around the rink clockwise. Doing cross-cuts and stopping in a left handed way is just more natural to me. But on every rink in Toronto, it's right-handed skating. All the time. the guy in the bright orange vest doesn't blow a whistle and say "okay, time to go around the other way."

Oh I've learned to be a pretty great right-handed skater, I've had to. But couldn't we just for once go the other way? Furthermore, only one side of my skate blades get used when you go one way (and you know how that can hurt) which could lead to more problems with the new skates and I could be on my ass again. (I know what I mean.)

And then there's the other winter thing that is driving me nuts. I have a parking permit so I have to park on the street. And when it snows, the frickin' people who shovel their sidewalks toss the snow out onto the street. Put it on your yard, dickweed! Especially this one house...not only do they toss the snow onto the street, they seem to pack it in around my tires on purpose! I spend half an hour digging out of the snow that the neighbours tossed at my car! I want them severely punished, put in jail. Something.

That is all for now.

Thanks and good luck.

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