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January 11, 2004

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What's in those milk crates anyway?

chipmunks sing the beatles

People have been asking me, "Trish, how's the vinyl conversion going? How many milk crates have you finished digitizing?" I sigh, slump my shoulders and tell them, "Well, I suppose I've done about one." "Only ONE??!!" they reply. At which point I punch them in the gut.

You know, in the analog world of vinyl, a 3-minute pop song takes 3 minutes to digitize. It's not like "ripping" or "burning" CDs, you know. And then you have to save the digital files, put 'em together in your iTunes playlist and burn the CD. It's a chore. I wish I had minions, or lackeys, or underlings, or co-ops, or apprentices, or interns, or monkeys who could do this work for me. Sigh.

That said, I must admit there's been a bit of joy here and there as I go through my seven milk crates. There are a lot of buried gems (remember, one person's gem is another person's irritating stone in their shoe) like The Chipmunks Sing the Beatles. can't buy a thrill
I have no idea where that came from or why I would even have it. But it's an original, recorded in Britain in 1964. Okay, I won't be digitizing this one I have to admit, but what a treasure, no? (I'm sure there's someone somewhere on eBay who would give me cash for it...)

And then there's this coloured vinyl stuff. Really. The 1970s were quite weird. I'm trying to remember why it was cool to have coloured vinyl. I guess because when you were sitting in the basement with your headphones on, bong at the ready, your experience was enhanced by all those colourful lines going round and round on the turntable, hypnotized by the music and the dizzying thirty-three-and-a-third rotations...


I also found an LP (for the kids, that means "Long Playing", not to be confused with a 45, which was a one-song single) from the early days of New Wave that had been Laser Cut. It was a Split Enz album and etched into the vinyl was all kinds of cool, brightly coloured icons and dots and words... I'll see if my camera can do it justice and put it online someday.

I must say, being hip and cool and cutting edge at the beginning of the College Radio era has left me with a bunch of stuff I don't even know if I've listened to before. Bands like Color Me Gone, Oh-OK, The Swimming Pool Qs, The Associates. Anyone heard of them? (There's another story in that, but I'll leave it for when I'm finished 2 milk crates. Sigh.)

So you wanted to know how I'm doing. That's how I'm doing. It isn't pretty. It's long. But it's what I'm doing. if anyone has a minion or two that they could lend out, please let me know.

Thanks and good luck.

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