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September 18, 2003

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Shame on you, boys, shame on you!

Just when we thought it was all about Norman Bates and Grease-Ball, demonic kitten-eaters and Sideshow Howard, the federal clowns come back to the top of the political heap (and we won't say what that heap is made of. This is a family web site, after all!) And look who's leading the way:

caveman brain

Opposition Leader Stephen Harper, ladies and gentlemen. The other day, this clown stood up in Parliament and said that since the people who created the Charter of Rights didn't put anything about same-sex marriage in the Charter, they must not have thought homosexuals had equal rights...so why should we? And his little buddy over on the PC throne agrees.


Since Peter MacKay doesn't really have a party these days, he's hoping to grab onto the Alliance right wing bandwagon and drag his knuckles up the path to political glory. (Robert Stanfield, where are you?)

So where is the sense and integrity in Parliament? Remember this guy?

sweaty knob

That's sweaty Dennis Mills, the popular Liberal MP who brought Mick to town for Sarstock. Oh he's a good one, isn't he? Um, well, before the same-sex marriage vote, he was polled (and you know how that can hurt) on where he stood. He replied that he was against same-sex marriage. Okay, brother, come and tell your peeps. But no. he wasn't even in the frickin' House when the vote came down! And the only good thing about that is NDP Leader Jack Layton is looking for a riding to call his own, and he'll be giving Mr. Sweaty Mills a good run for it!

Which brings us to the future Prime Minister, Mr. Paul Martin.


He has decided that once he gets into power, he is going to start rethinking all these controversial laws. Like making homosexuals equal...he'll say, "sure for now, but jeeze, you know, maybe my little friends the backbenchers have a point and well, goodness knows, maybe we've been a little hasty. Same thing with the decriminalization of marijuana. Oh well, let's just have another think when I get in the big chair."

Which makes me wonder...


...is this the only guy we can count on these days? If so, then we're in a pant load of trouble, folks. Make some noise. Please.

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